Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Villa Olympia trailer

I wanted to entertain the concept of shooting something overly dramatic with no person or animal in it. This was taken at the club house of where I live called Villa Olympia, in Wellington, Florida. I learned that it is much more interesting to have at least one person or pet in a video trailer. Nonetheless, I feel this still made a fun clip!

Introducing Memoratopia Films

Today I launched Memoratopia Films which creates high-definition, professional, cinematic videos for weddings, special events, and businesses.

The mission of Memoratopia is to create cinematic videos that capture emotion and personality while providing the best quality of service at an affordable cost. I was surprised to see how often people would go without getting a videographer for their wedding due to the expense.

With Memoratopia Films our goal is to make this more affordable to everyone since after your special moment is over, all that remains are the photos and videos, without which many of the details might be forgotten.

That's why the motto of Memoratopia Films is "Live the Moment, Capture the Memories". Our passion is to bring you and your memories to a state of utopia! We help you keep the memories for a lifetime and for generations to come.

We also provide service in editing home videos taken by families and making a slideshow or movies from photos. I love making pet, baby, or vacation footage into a watchable and enjoyable movie. I have been doing it with my own personal videos and photos for years. 

This is my new blog about my adventure into the digital cinematic videography business. You can check out my website at:

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